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December 21st, 2013

It is very cold outside.

Kithkin recently burned parts of our old piano and a portion of our sideyard fence in order to keep warm in these witchee times. On today’s Winter Equinox, the sun in the Cascadian sky will be at its lowest point all year, resulting in the longest night of 2013.

These past couple of years have felt like a long night at times. All of us in Kithkin—Tin Woodsman, Spirit Treader, Bigfoot Wallace and Shredder—have had fated confrontations with death, loss, disappointment and anxiety over that span of time. Oftentimes, things felt out of our control and wildly up to the whims of the cosmos.

But having survived The Collapse, we are much stronger now. Now that we’ve finally settled into this massive new world, the recognition of its benevolent chaos and the awareness of our smallness gives us comfort—a comfort not unlike that of fence posts smoldering in the fireplace, boozy homemade egg nog, or Diablo III.

We decided to channel all the grappling and howling we did over the past couple of years into something we could hold. An artifact, if you will.

We began forging that artifact during the apocalypse at the end of 2012. An ungodly amount of drums later, we’ve finished it. And now, on this longest night of the year, Kithkin would like to announce that artifact’s name, and its future home.

The Cascadian Youth Tribe is excited to inform you that Kithkin’s debut album

Rituals, Trances & Ecstasies For Humans in Face of The Collapse

will be released this Spring on Pesanta Urfolk: Pesanta Urfolk

We hope that this artifact will help comfort all those humans actively engaged in confronting The Collapse, and energize them to rapturously thrash about like the heroic doomslayers they know they must become.

Today may be the longest night. But the longest day isn’t that far away.

In the meantime, Kithkin hope to make a trip down to Southern Cascadia in order to learn how to make chicken coops from the Urfolk.

As that old, timeworn Cascadian saying goes: “Behind every great doomslayer is a great chicken.”

You’d best pay heed to the ancients.

Stay Warm,